We help individuals discover their worth and purpose, empowering them to pursue it – bringing renewed focus, energy, growth and passion to their lives!

Our qualified professionals
and life coaches:

  • Provide workshops in a safe and comfortable environment surrounded by nature and with fun engaging activities.
  • Help teenagers, young adults and adults develop stress management, copingand resiliency skills.
  • Help individuals to identify their purpose and plan for purposeful living.
  • Equip individuals to coach others.


Workshops provided in a safe and comfortable environment that will help equip teens, young adults and adults who are seeking hope and purpose.


Helping individuals start a journey towards finding their purpose and healing from their past.


Providing tools and training for individuals to continue on their journey toward their destiny.

Three Oaks Ranch changes the lives of individuals and families through guidance, healing, support and training.

1 in 3

adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.


of adults reported anxiety and depression symptoms in the last year.

1 in 5

people in households with children (21%) have reported feeling down, depressed or hopeless.

The number of individuals suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma rises every year.
Struggles with body image, school or work stress, social pressure and uncertainty about the future are often overwhelming and difficult to handle alone.

But, there is hope! And Three Oaks Ranch is here to help!

Nature-based therapies have proven to be highly effective in promoting emotional
well-being. Three Oaks Ranch is incorporating the healing elements of nature, animals, and gardening to enhance the therapeutic experience.

Three Oaks Ranch, a 501(c)(3) therapy center in Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, aims to integrate the healing power of nature with traditional therapy.

Formerly known as Discovering Power and Purpose, we have rebranded to better align with our vision. Our goal is to build a therapy ranch that offers a secure and tranquil environment for individuals and families seeking activities and tools to alleviate stress, enhance coping skills, and foster personal growth. Our programs focus on resilience and self-empowerment, enabling participants to overcome life’s challenges, achieve emotional healing and well-being, and emerge with renewed purpose.

But we need your support! Join us now and help change lives!

Therapy and Life Coaching:

Our team of qualified professionals offers guidance to individuals towards healing, personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Workshops and Training:

Equipping individuals with coping skills, resiliency, and personal growth, as well as parents, caregivers, teachers, future life coaches, and anyone interested in helping others.

Group Sessions:

Engaging sessions in a supportive environment for individuals to connect with others and share their experiences.

Fun Activities:

A variety of enjoyable activities that promote personal development and foster a sense of joy and well-being.

Intensive Restoration Program (IRP):

Addresses issues such as stress, trauma, addiction, and other life challenges. With structured recovery, support, coping skills, and strategic planning, participants can move forward towards a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Therapeutic Gardening:

Promotes overall well-being through gardening activities – fostering purpose, relaxation, personal growth, and a stronger connection with nature, and leading to improved mental clarity, reduced stress, and enhanced vitality.

Join us in making a difference at
Three Oaks Ranch!

Your support will enable us to expand our vision, purchase and develop our property, and provide transformative therapy services to individuals and families. Together, we can empower individuals, foster emotional healing, and create a brighter future for families and our communities.

Thank you for your generosity and support!